Do you want to be a part of something BIG happening in the Rochester community?  Have you attended BYP events in the past, and wanted to contribute your expertise to our leadership team?  BYP currently has Executive Board positions available.  A summary of each role is listed below along with the application.  If interested, please complete the application and email your resume to no later than December 3, 2018.

Co-Social Chair:
Lead the BYP Social Committee. This committee is charged with planning,
organizing and executing BYP social events. It is the responsibility of the
Co-Social Chairs to schedule each meeting, event and timing of meetings
each calendar year. The Co-Social Committee Chairs also encourage
members to participate in BYP. The responsibilities of the Co-Social
Committee Chairs include, but are not limited to:

· Chair all meetings of the committee;

· Communicate to the BYP Executive Board upcoming social events and

· solicit assistance when needed;

· Provide a recap after each BYP event;

· Arrange the food, location, and entertainment at all BYP meetings and

Executive Liaison:
Assists the President in execution of tasks and all areas necessary including
communication to Executive Board and general body members. The Executive
Liaison also handles the composition and execution of mass emails sent out to
listserv and assists the board in all other areas including social and fundraising
when necessary. 

Fundraising Chair:
Shall plan and coordinate fundraising campaigns for BYP. The Fundraising
Committee Chair works with BYP executive Board to clearly define fundraising
goals and objectives aligned with the mission statement of BYP as a guideline
to create a strategy. Create and present a fundraising report to the BYP
Executive Board and general membership meetings. The Fundraising
Committee Chair should have proven success of effectiveness and a vision for
fundraising ideas. These ideas shall be presented to the BYP Executive Board
for implementation. A thorough fundraising report shall be presented to the
BYP Executive Board and general membership meetings, where volunteers
and donors, either with a telephone call or a note, after an event is completed.
Following events, the Fundraising Chair shall maintain contact with sponsors.

Vice President of Programming:
The Vice President of Programming shall propose and plan approximately three professional development workshops for BYP and present to the BYP Executive Board for approval. The Vice President of Programming shall construct the plans for BYP professional development workshops before they are launched, including any expenditure of capital funds. The Vice President of Programming will chair meetings of the professional development committee to select topics and speakers for periodic seminar and workshops to provide in-depth and timely professional development opportunities for members. Other responsibilities include: recruiting members to serve on the professional development committee, attend all BYP events and meetings, and prepare and review program evaluations for  feedback used in planning future events.

Marketing Chair: 
The Marketing Chair shall identify, develop and implement marketing strategies and will also oversee the ongoing development of the website and all future marketing initiatives for BYP. Responsibilities also include ongoing creation of all marketing materials for each event. The Marketing Chair will formulate, direct and coordinate marketing activities and promote BYP's mission, working with the BYP Executive Board and BYP members.

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